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4174 North Bailey Avenue
Amherst, NY 14226
(716) 833-1344
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1614 Hopkins Road
East Amherst, NY 14221
(716) 689-2345
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I grew up on Bocce’s pizza, here in Buffalo. My earliest memories are of eating Bocce’s. I moved away 7 years ago; I’ve lived all over the East Coast and in Italy - I can assure you, there is no pizza in the world better than Bocce’s. Whenever I’m in Buffalo, I order a pie. Thanks!
Ari Gerstman
Bocce’s Pizza may be the ONLY thing I still miss about Buffalo, after 35 years on the West Coast.
jeanne (Portland, Oregon)
It’s been at least 10 years since I had a pie from you guys and as I’m munching away on a slice for the first time in forever, I wanted to let you know that you guys still got it! Thanks for keeping up the tradition and for giving us diasporatic Buffalonians something to get homesick about! (Between you and Premiere Liquor, I will always be proud to know I come from a great town!) Cheers to you! Erick Desjardins London, Ontario, Canada Left Buffalo in 1977 :(
I remember Bocce’s as a kid in the always had "that taste"!! By the time the late seventies rolled around, I think the quality kind of fell. I remember getting a burned pie in the early 80’s and hadn’t ordered one since this past summer when my daughter left an empty Bocce box on the table! She told me how good it was so I got one...Tasted like how I remembered as a kid!
Bocce Club Pizza History

Bocce Club PIzza HistoryRunning the most successful pizzeria in Western New York wasn’t even a dream for Dino Pacciotti when he returned from the Second World War and began work as an accountant for General Mills. Dino, who was born in Buffalo to Italian immigrants in 1922, had spent his war service years as a court reporter at the Nuremberg trials. His travels led him to the homeland of his parents, where he renewed his experience with Italian traditions like Bocce ball, pizza pies and other dishes.

Eager to get ahead after the war, Dino took a part-time job in addition to his day job at a bar on Hickory Street called Bocce’s. Many of Buffalo’s World War II veterans gathered there to participate in one of their favorite pastimes, Bocce ball. Dino and his sister, Melvina Sacco, soon saw a future at Bocce’s. They purchased the bar in 1946 and began serving sandwiches and their favorite Italian foods. The bar developed quite a following, in part due to the tasty pizza snacks Dino created.
Innovations Spur Growth

Full of the entrepreneurial spirit, in 1955 Dino introduced pizza packaged for take-out in corrugated boxes. Young families and college students welcomed the convenience, affordability and great taste. In 1958 Bocce Club Pizza moved to a larger location on Clinton Street, and in 1959 opened a second location on Bailey Ave.

In 1978, Dino Pacciotti passed away, leaving the business in the hands of his capable family.

In the mid 1980s, Bocce Club included wings and subs on the menu, and added delivery service. In addition to being the first in Buffalo to offer take-out pizza, Bocce’s also was among the first to sell half-baked pizza for those who wanted fresh-cooked pies on their own timetable. Bocce Club continued its growth in popularity.

Bocce Club Pizza continued to flourish, opening the Hopkins Road location in 1988. As sole owner, Jim (Dino’s son), continues the Bocce tradition, using the same recipes, ingredients and suppliers his father used when he began the business back in 1946.

Bocce Club Pizza is a very short drive from Tonawanda, NY.  Come check out our famous boneless chicken wing bites and gluten free pizza!